The use and installation of surge protectors

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The function of the surge protector is to limit the instantaneous overvoltage that penetrates into the power line and signal transmission line within the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, or to leak strong lightning current into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from Damaged by impact.

The surge protector in the photovoltaic system must be connected in parallel in the DC circuit for which protection is required. There are both Common mode and Differential mode.

Solar Surge Protective Device(DC SPD)


The surge protector adopts 35MM standard rail installation

For fixed SPD, the general installation should follow the following steps:

1) Determine the discharge current path

2) Mark the wires of the extra voltage drop caused by the terminal of the equipment;

3) To avoid unnecessary induction loops, the PE conductor of each device should be marked;

4) Establish an equipotential connection between the equipment and SPD;

5) To carry out multi-level SPD energy coordination.


The excellent MOV has a heat-activated switch isolator and associated fault indicator bar. Compliant with 1500V and below photovoltaic power generation system requirements.