There are 9 sales specialists in our company, and each customer can get a 24-hour one-to-one service from a salesperson. All sales are professionally trained sales elites who can independently solve all problems raised by customers.

After the order is confirmed, the sales staff will check the production schedule with the factory every day to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

Even after the order is completed, our employees will promptly solve customer problems during use. To provide every customer with the best quality service.


India Market:

Company: F*********** Limited

Address: Mumbai, India

Company: A***********

Address: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Company: G*********** Limited

Address: Hyderabad, India

Thailand Market:

Company: R***********

Address: Phrasamutjadee Samutprakarn 10290, Thailand

Philippines Market:

Company: S***********

Address: Iloilo, Philippines

Yemen Market:

Company: T*********** Ltd.

Address: Sana’a, Yemen

Poland Market:

Company: P***********

Address: Warsaw, Poland

Russia Market:

Company: T*********** Limited

Address: Vladivostok, Russia

Singapore&Malaysia Market:

Company: S*********** Ltd

Address: Singapore

Korea Market:

Company: L*********** Ltd.

Address: Incheon, Korea

Madagascar Market:

Company: G***********

Address: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Colombia Market:

Company: S***********

Address: Bogotá DC, Colombia