The function of photovoltaic DC combiner box

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In order to improve the reliability and practicability of the system, FEEO is equipped with photovoltaic DC lightning protection modules, DC fuses and circuit breakers, etc. in the photovoltaic lightning protection combiner box, as well as working status indicators, lightning counters, etc., which are convenient for users to timely and accurately Master the working conditions of photovoltaic cells to ensure the effectiveness of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Next, let's take a look at the knowledge related to the photovoltaic DC combiner box!
In the last article, we talked about the characteristics of the combiner box. If you still don't understand, you can visit: Introduction of combiner box;


DC combiner box

The function of photovoltaic DC combiner box

1. The protection level of the combiner box reaches IP65, which is waterproof, anti-ash, anti-rust and anti-salt spray, and meets the requirements of outdoor installation.
2. Up to 24 battery strings can be connected at the same time
3. The positive and negative poles of each battery string are equipped with photovoltaic fuses to protect the module string in case of failure. The fuse base and fuse are used together to reduce the maintenance cost of the owner and effectively protect the maintenance personnel.
4. The use of photovoltaic high-voltage lightning arrester can protect the positive pole and negative pole of the bus after the confluence, and the continuous working voltage (Uc) can reach 1000VDC.
5. The power module in the combiner box can be connected to the photovoltaic voltage of 1000DCV
6. The measurement and control module of the combiner box adopts the Honeywell Hall element (DC CT sensor) with reliable performance, which collects, monitors, alarms and locates the local fault for the current and bus voltage of each PV string, and can detect the internal fault of the combiner box. Temperature measurement, lightning arrester and output circuit breaker status detection, etc.
7. The monitoring module in the combiner box has a digital display function, which can display the current of each string of components, the busbar voltage, the temperature in the combiner box, the status of the circuit breaker and lightning arrester, system power and equipment address and other related information on the equipment. .
8. The working power supply of the combiner box can be selected from the external 220VAC/DC or the power supply provided by the combiner box itself. If the combiner box itself is used to provide the power supply, there is no need for separate wiring for the power supply on site.



The above is a brief introduction to the functions of the photovoltaic DC combiner box, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic electrical components located in Yueqing, China. We specialize in the production of DC circuit breakers, surge protectors, photovoltaic fuses, disconnect switches, solar connectors, etc.