Myanmar Xuejing 40MW photovoltaic project officially started

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On April 9, the commencement ceremony of the 40MW photovoltaic project in Xuejing, Myanmar was held in Bago Province, Myanmar. Representatives of the local government of Bago Province, representatives of various participating units such as Power Construction Overseas Investment Corporation, the Tenth Bureau of Hydropower, and the Kunming Institute jointly attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


The local representative of Bago said at the groundbreaking ceremony that the local government of Bago has been committed to developing the new energy industry in the region. The start of the Xuejing photovoltaic power station project has played a positive role in demonstrating and leading the development of the new energy industry in the region, and has greatly boosted the determination and confidence of the local government to develop the new energy industry. The local government of Bago will fully support the construction of the Xuejing photovoltaic power station project, ensure the smooth progress of the project, and establish a good example of cooperation between China and Myanmar in the field of new energy.


Xuejing project is the first large-scale ground photovoltaic project invested and developed by China Power Construction Group in Bago Province, Myanmar. As the largest sub-project with the largest area and the largest installed capacity in the photovoltaic project group in central Myanmar, the project company will concentrate the backbone force to meet strict requirements. On the basis of implementing various measures for epidemic prevention and control and safety production, we will promote efficient and high-standard construction, and strive to start production and power generation as soon as possible to benefit the people of Myanmar. At the same time, he also hopes to deepen cooperation with Myanmar to promote more new projects and major projects to be implemented in Bago to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


The Xuejing Photovoltaic Power Generation Project is the third project to start construction since the Central Myanmar Photovoltaic Project Group officially signed the bid-winning notification letter on March 15. The planned AC installed capacity of the project is 40MW. After completion, it will be directly integrated into the Myanmar National Grid. Improving the current situation of power shortage in the local area and in Myanmar will play an important role in promoting local economic development.