Photovoltaic combiner box industry

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Photovoltaic combiner box industry, a new vocabulary. It is relatively unfamiliar to the layman, but if we talk about solar energy, it is estimated that children of several years old can know about it. Now is an era of energy diversification. From water energy, thermal energy, wind energy, natural gas energy, mineral sources, to solar energy, each energy source has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some energy sources are non-renewable Energy, so energy has always been one of the concerns of the people. The following is a brief description of the role of the emerging industry of photovoltaics in our energy problems, which is to use solar energy, convert it, and make the sun's light shine on the silicon material to generate electric current directly to generate electricity. This requires the use of photovoltaic combiner boxes, and the related industry formed with it is called photovoltaic industry. How do we use the combiner box to convert solar energy into current output for people to use? As the name suggests, the photovoltaic combiner box naturally plays the role of collection, collecting the energy of each solar panel into a circuit, and passing the DC cabinet/inverter The converter is converted into power, forming a simple power generation system.


Photovoltaic Combiner Box


In the face of increasingly severe non-renewable energy sources, what we can do is to make full use of the renewable resources around us, and solar energy will be an important energy source. This also provides a lot of space for the development of our photovoltaic industry. Yueqing Feiou Electric has been focusing on the research and development and production of photovoltaic combiner boxes, and has obtained the first batch of Golden Sun certification. The rise of the photovoltaic industry has driven the development of related industries. As a renewable resource, solar energy also has its own advantages. Renewable, it will not face resource exhaustion and will not cause pollution. Solar energy can be said to be given to us by nature. The best gift, I believe that in the near future, the photovoltaic industry will develop better and better, because it is a product that conforms to the development of this era.