Features of PV combiner box

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Features of PV combiner box

1. It can be connected to multiple solar photovoltaic arrays at the same time, the rated current of each channel can reach 10A, the maximum is 15A, which can meet the needs of different users;

2. Each input is independently equipped with a solar photovoltaic DC high-voltage lightning protection circuit, which has a multi-level lightning protection function to ensure that lightning strikes do not affect the normal output of the photovoltaic array;

Photovoltaic combiner box

3. The output end is equipped with a photovoltaic DC high voltage lightning protection module, which can withstand a maximum lightning current of 80kA;

4. High-voltage circuit breakers are used, and the DC withstand voltage value is not less than DC1500V, which is safe and reliable;

5. With the function of lightning recording, it is convenient to understand the intrusion of lightning disasters;

6. With real-time display function of current, voltage and power, it is easy to observe the working condition;

pv combiner box

7. The protection level reaches IP65, which meets the requirements of outdoor installation;

8. Remote monitoring function.

Summary: Through the above sharing, I believe that everyone has a clear understanding of the photovoltaic combiner box. In general, a large solar power generation system requires a lot of photovoltaic cell arrays. In order to reduce the connection lines between the solar photovoltaic cell array and the inverter and simplify the system structure, it is necessary for the photovoltaic combiner box to connect these lines in parallel. Enter the inversion again.