Direct Current Miniature Circuit Breaker Work For Solar

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Miniature circuit breaker, abbreviated as MCB, is the most widely used terminal protection appliance in the introduction of building electrical terminal power distribution devices. FPV-63&FPV-125 is the model of miniature circuit breaker of FEEO brand. Standard by IEC60947-2. With TUV & CE certificates. Works from 6A-125A. Standard voltage is 1P 250V, 2P 550V, 3P 750V, 4P 1000V. It is used for direct current electric line. It works when the line meet short-circuit, overvoltage.

solar 3P DC MCB

Both DC circuit breakers and on-load voltage regulation refer to the voltage regulation method of the transformer tap switch. The difference is that the non-excitation voltage regulation switch does not have the ability to switch gears with load, because this kind of tap switch is in the process of changing gears. There is a short-time disconnection process, and disconnecting the load current will cause arcing between the contacts to burn the tap changer or short-circuit, so the transformer must be powered off when adjusting gears. Therefore, it is generally used for transformers that do not require very strict voltage requirements and do not need to be adjusted frequently. On the other hand, the on-load tap-changer can switch gears with load, because the on-load tap-changer does not have a short-term disconnection process in the process of gear adjustment. It changes from one gear to another through a transition resistance. Therefore, there is no arcing process in which the load current is disconnected. It is generally used for transformers that have strict voltage requirements and need to be adjusted frequently.

solar 1P DC MCB

FPV series DC circuit breakers have super first-class current limiting performance, which can accurately protect relay protection and automatic devices from overload, short circuit and other fault hazards. The advantages of current limiting and arc extinguishing capabilities of DC circuit breakers have undergone a large number of comprehensive scientific tests. The breaking capacity can reach 100% 6KA. The material of shell is PA66 which with a great fire-proof level.