Many European countries advance renewable energy development goals

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The Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transitions and Population Challenges (Miteco) approves a new package within the framework of the national plan

measures to address the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine. including the floating PV regulatory framework,

New regulations for renewable gas pipelines (such as hydrogen delivery), and the release of 10% of grid connection capacity, in

Develop renewable energy facilities with an installed capacity of about 7GW in self-consumption mode. In addition, given the international energy

The emergency caused by the price, the government has activated a set of accelerated temporary procedures, on 31 December 2024

Environmental approvals for new solar parks up to 150MW in size.

Portugal's new government has announced its new target to increase the share of renewable energy in electricity generation by 2026

increased to 80%, four years earlier than the original plan. In addition, in order to make the photovoltaic power station develop faster, the government

Red tape will also be cut, and projects below 50MW will no longer require an environmental impact assessment.

Romania intends to significantly increase its 2030 renewable energy target, plans to install total capacity by 2024

950 MW of renewable energy power plants, currently set at 30.7%. The new target will be in 2022

Determined during the revision of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) beginning in 2018.